To bring glory to God in a unified effort, by corporately worshiping Jesus Christ through song and worship dance and facilitating prayer for personal, local, national and international issues which impact the local Churches and Community.


50 Days of Prayer

Central Oregon

May 5, 2022 – June 23, 2022

Dear Prayer Partner—

The Tillamook County Wide Prayer Team invites YOU to help make a difference, in your churches, County, State, Nation and World, through PRAYER. The gift of your time, a few minutes a day, could help bring eternal significance to ourselves, neighbors and land that we love.

During the 50 days, beginning on Easter or on National Day of Prayer (May 5th), we together with 1000’s of Prayer Warriors from Oregon and around the nation will seek God for solutions and pray blessings over our people and land. Consider your prayers as fuel to light a fire in the hearts of our people. Lets pour on the fuel! Lets make this the most exciting, and fervent prayer season ever! The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. James 5:16

We want the Church to rise up in glory and power with passionate hearts. Use this prayer guide as a catalyst to launch you, and the Holy Spirit will guide you. When we use the book (paperback or ebook), we will have a “Prayer Guide” to provide statistics or offices/departments so that we may pray by name for those in authority for that topic.

This is a season of prayer. Be creative in the way you use this book, on your own, with a spouse or a friend, in a group. Come and participate in the special Prayer Events. Give our prayer leaders feed back! We want to see the Lord’s name lifted up in this land!

Dates to Remember

April 17th

National Day of Prayer
May 5th

Global Day of Prayer
June 5th

DateDay / Link to PrayerDescription
Days 1-10: 10 Days for The Church
5-MayDay 1Repentance
6-MayDay 2Praise and Thanksgiving
7-MayDay 3Attitudes and Actions
8-MayDay 4Salvation through Christ
9-MayDay 5Broken Relationships
10-MayDay 6For Christians to Rise Up
11-MayDay 7Strongholds in Our Land
12-MayDay 8The Church
13-MayDay 9Relationships and Unity
14-MayDay 10Pastors and Leaders
Days 11-20: 10 Days for Your Community
15-MayDay 11Our County Leaders and Government
16-MayDay 12Our City Leaders and Government
17-MayDay 13Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue
18-MayDay 14Fire Departments
19-MayDay 15Agriculture and Industries
20-MayDay 16Technology and Tourism
21-MayDay 17Our Highways
22-MayDay 18Our Veterans, Men and Women of Valor
23-MayDay 19Businesses and Employment
24-MayDay 20Schools, Children, Youth
Days 21-30: 10 Days for Your State
25-MayDay 21Government Leaders and Laws
26-MayDay 22Supreme Court and the Court System
27-MayDay 23The Church
28-MayDay 24Our Counties
29-MayDay 25Our People Part 1
30-MayDay 26Our People Part 2
31-MayDay 27Protection of Our Lands
1-JunDay 28Health Care and Health
2-JunDay 29Electronics/Social Media
3-JunDay 30Racism & Bigotry
Days 31-40: 10 Days for Our Nation
4-JunDay 31Pray for Those in Authority
5-JunDay 32Restoration of a Nation Divided
6-JunDay 33The Supreme Court
7-JunDay 34The Military / Law Enforcement
8-JunDay 35The Church
9-JunDay 36Addictions
10-JunDay 37Community Violence
11-JunDay 38Education
12-JunDay 39The Media
13-JunDay 40The Prodigal Nation
Days 41-50: 10 Days for The World
14-JunDay 41The Peace of Jerusalem
15-JunDay 42For the Poor, the Hungry and Downtrodden
16-JunDay 43For the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Upon the Nations of the Earth
17-JunDay 44For Missionaries
18-JunDay 45Widows and Orphans
19-JunDay 46The Persecuted Church
20-JunDay 47Protection from Evil
21-JunDay 48Wars and Rumors of Wars
22-JunDay 49Strengthen the Body of Christ
23-JunDay 50Growth of the Church

31 Days of Prayer

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50 Days of Prayer

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